Generous Design

Year-long circle between coaching and Critical Business School. We will use the Principles of Generous Design as a focal point for our exploration and discourse. In hindsight, I realize this manifesto articulated personal philosophy in a time of change (from corporate innovation to coaching).

Each member will produce an artifact embedding a personal philosophy, and practices to support it.

More on the concept of personal philosophy in this image.

what is personal philosophy?what is personal philosophy?

Current plan:

  1. January: Interests
    Ask yourself what you are interested in at least once a month.

  2. Feb: Answers
    Never try and learn answers. Always reflect on how you ask questions.

  3. March: Challenges
    When someone challenges you, take it as a compliment. They could have kept their mouth shut. Silence is the biggest offense.

  4. April: Order
    Order is overrated, and so are rules. Machines do both best.

  5. May: Learning
    Learn to identify moments of discomfort. That is learning.

  6. June: Looking
    Look at everything upside down.

  7. July: Dance  Learn to dance with your words and thoughts.

  8. August: Traveling
    Be a traveler, not a conqueror.

  9. September: Actions
    Don’t think about the cause and effect of actions, focus on the design of environments.

  10. October: Knowing
    Love the unknown.

  11. November: Caring
    Always Care.

  12. December: Feeling
    Listen to Feelings.


Fridays in 2023, noon ET, for 60 minutes


$500 per month, $400 when subscribing (10% off when signing up before 12/1/22).