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Nitzan helped me to recalibrate my business philosophy during a well-timed sabbatical. As a coach, I appreciated his intuitive listening, incisive synthesis, and repeated emphasis on how to prioritize the best conditions for creativity- starting with me. Whether wading in the systemically complex or the ambiguity of in-development-abstractions, Nitzan could meet me at any conversational level. There’s a lot of freedom in a thought-partner like that.

—Karin Fyhrie, Founder & CCO, Sovereign Objects

Through coaching, Nitzan helped me untangle some habits and ways of thinking that I had adopted through many years of running my own studio. He was always professional, thought-provoking, and helped me reframe my outlook and get me back to my true essence once again. I can highly recommend his coaching and workshops as they have helped me see larger and new frameworks within my career.

—Mike Cina, branding specialist, typeface designer, artist

Nitzan is an extremely generous coach, working with him over the past year has transformed the way I understand myself professionally, and has given me new capabilities to bring creativity forward at work and into my life more generally. Coaching was critical for learning to articulate my value and feeling self-possessed in team settings, helping me advance in my career much more than I thought I could. Nitzan is always warm, and never cheesy. His nuanced intelligence and unique ability to view situations from several vantage points made our sessions always feel inspired and energizing. I am deeply grateful for our work together.

—In-house Designer, CA

Being the first time I have worked with a creative coach, I entered the space in an absolute state of unknownness as of what I wanted this experience to return as an outcome, and through thorough but gentle questioning and idea iteration, Nitzan has allowed me to discover mental pathways I had not been able to reach on my own, leading me to rethink the way I present myself to the world in every dimension. My vocabulary is broader, my practice is richer, my critical thinking is unparalleled. I could not recommend him (and any of his programs and workshops) enough. A gift to the self.

—Rita Juárez, Creative Director

Working with Nitzan was incredible exercise in self creation and creativity. I felt creative and active as well as able to develop my own personal language. I constantly surprised myself and continue to see the effect of our practice together in my life today.

—Technology Leader

Through Nitzan’s services, I discovered the value of my creative endeavors in a way I could never do elsewhere. Nitzan has helped me radicalize the language and thinking around my creative practice. We worked together for over a year. During that time, I started a design community and blog and joined a new company, all of which were outputs of his coaching. I can’t recommend him enough.

—Lucas Lorenzo Peña, Innovation & Creative Technology

The older we get, the more closed and transactional we can become. And when we do, we long for the days when’… the days when we had more time; more wonder; more brain space; more freedom. Like Glenda in The Wizard of Oz, Nitzan helps you get back to your essential self. He helps you realize that you had the power all along. And from there, you can build anything; go anywhere; and simply take a meandering hike in your mind, too. Working with Nitzan has sharpened my sword and regenerated my soul. I am forever grateful for the tools he’s given me, sessions he’s facilitated and included me in, people I’ve met through him, and personal journeys I’ve taken thanks to all of the above. I cannot recommend Nitzan enough to anyone seeking deeper meaning in their work, their selves, and the world.

—Leslie Bradshaw, unlocker of talent, impact, and new revenue streams

Nitzan challenged me to break conditioned ways of thinking and opened the door to explore new ways of working and being in the world. He is incredibly adept at seeing from a meta-perspective and has helped me transcend stories that were stifling my growth. His unique combination of business acumen and critical thinking allowed me to not only revamp my business but also reorient my work towards a higher place of self-actualization. Working with Nitzan has helped me to grow my work in a way that is generative and fulfilling. I believe he can do the same for you.

—Jeffery Siegel, coach

Working with Nitzan was a dream. He began coaching our team during Covid, and as we were deep within the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement — two incredibly intense times for us as people as well as a staff shepherding a diverse and vulnerable community. With Nitzan, we found the time to step away from the urgent to-do’s of our daily work, and take the time to be together as a team. Taking pleasure in our work, and each other’s company. Nitzan pushed us to test our implicit habits, and through gentle coaching, helped to guide us towards framing up new norms that would keep up grounded and growing through tough times.

—Stephanie Pereira — NEW INC Director (2018-2020)

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