Prompts Workshop


A prompt is a question that is impossible to collaborate on. It points inwards, asks for language, and leads to self-knowledge.

For example: what bores you?

Different people would have other answers, and we can’t collaborate on what bores each person, only to ask why (and engage through meaning).

Briefs always lead to collaboration (with another person or knowledge). It is anchored in gravity (situation) and points to convergence. 

For example: what is the secret of a work-life balance? 

Experts will approach this from different angles, but the conversation must lead to a meeting on everyone’s direct opinion.

Through Thirdness, CBS, and Being In Space I have been developing prompts as a way to bring people into meta conversations, and generative discourse spaces.

The scale between prompts and briefs is useful in starting and navigating creative contexts, especially with the growing importance of AI and language models.

You're welcome to join a 10 sessions workshop where we will learn and practice writing prompts.


10 hours
Limited to ten people
Cost: $1000


Jan, Feb 2022
1 ET, 60 mins 

Please get in touch with any questions, and if you would like to participate.


What are some examples of prompts?

  • What bores you?
  • Do you see something no one else does?
  • What do you wish you could measure?

When are prompts useful?

  • Education
  • Developing spaces for new/unexpected conversations
    • change management
    • work culture
    • on-boarding
  • Facilitating communities
  • Coaching
  • Interview questions
    • Prepping for an interview
    • Conducting one
  • HR operations
  • Personal growth