Living Ideas Workshop

How to describe a frame without drawing a picture?

The prompt workshop left behind a realization: it is necessary to prompt oneself when asking for creativity from others. Prompting is a subset of questions that frame/reframe and act on the energy from pulling on interests. It is a unique form of communication that shares meaning before anchoring it in stories. 

Personally meaningful but not yet clear, these creative ruminations are malleable and open to interpretation. Carrying them along asks for a particular container. The Living Ideas workshop is one such container. Participants will write practices to articulate and develop ideas that grow in meaning as they grow in scope.

We will use the container to model, communicate, and articulate practices that we can take with us to nurture our living ideas beyond the workshop.

Living Ideas is a ten-session workshop limited to ten people and costs $1000.

Examples of living ideas: 

Who could benefit from articulating living ideas?
  • Coaches and facilitators who don't prescribe their spaces
  • Innovation writers looking for new tools to describe a non-existent future
  • Change agents looking to inspire and individuate their ideas
  • Writers looking to move away from productizing themselves

We meet over Zoom at noon ET for 60 minutes. Starting the second week of May (2022), twice a week.

More on living ideas, generative writing and forms of communication.