Building a Doing Space 

For 18 months between 2021 and 2022, I spent every Friday in Critical Business School (CBS). A new format operates similarly to Thirdness, a co-creation space where people learn together but different things, where intellectual fencing is not allowed. The focus is on the range of conversation rather than any outcome.

No introductions
When we introduce ourselves, we tell who we are and communicate who we are not. By doing so, we are limiting the range of conversations we let into the space. We become a sculptor of ourselves and converse with our in their sculptured way.

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Finish on a Cliffhanger
Sessions end sharply. The idea is to use the time together, consistently tending to the space more than to any outcome. Prompts take place in breakout rooms. Once back, we share and discuss what came up in the discussion and what stayed in the week that passed. The purpose is to take the energy we built with us and let it grow during the week.

Confusion is Energy
Our natural inclination is to mitigate abstract ideas, ignoring that they might grow in the direction of legibility and need time and space (container). In such containers, we can start putting language on intuition, build on it, and make it accessible.

More on high context confusion:

Early examples of prompts (2021):

More recent prompts (from Generous Design, 2023):

  1. How to love what you don’t know?
  2. When does action become learning?
  3. How do you measure knowledge?