Creative Surplus, a book in process

I made a career in creativity and its value. Is it better to communicate clearly or to first 'confuse' the ones you're in service of? Are similarities more useful than differences in communities and professional spaces? What is the difference between production and creativity?

Through helping clients, giving talks, and teaching, I collected thoughts that now made it into this new book. I see my practice as a continuous process and try to move in the world similarly. The medium of a book never worked for me in its stationariness; I tried going through the regular publishing route a couple of times, but it felt too strenuous. When all this time, writing essays and weekly newsletters felt incredibly easy. I want to bring the same energy to the book; When you buy Creative Surplus, you will notice some chapters marked 'TBW,' which denotes I have yet to write. I welcome feedback and conversation in a way that is bound to influence the book. I am passionate about the value of dialogue and creating generative spaces; this book is one such space.

With gratitude,

Book last updated: Aug 3rd, 2021